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You can pay this online.  Remember to keep the receipt as this may be a tax-writeoff.  

Parent Resources...

Help your child get to the next level!

Practice Tips

Ever thought of what to look for when your child is practicing?  How can you help and support them?  Click on this link to help you guide your child at home on their practicing.  Practice Tips

Do not forget practice cards are due on Mondays!  Currently beginning band students are still turning in practice cards.  Please help them make sure they are turned so they receive credit.  Late practice cards are not excepted. You can now print practice cards at home for your convenience! Practice Cards


Want to inspire your child to have a better practice session at home and to help them be much more successful?  Check out this computer program called SmartMusic that always feels like they are practicing with the band.  For only $3 per month, this is a great investment to allow them access to thousands of titles for solos, ensembles, band and orchestra music!  Take a moment and watch the video on their website for more information!  This is a great gift for ANY young musician and a great way to keep them playing during vacation breaks (SUMMER)!

SmartMusic Online!

Parent Resources

Parents this is for you!

How can you help your student?  Sometimes music can be that subject that does not make sense because it is a 'foreign' language... kind of like when we reach that math problem at home that we cannot quite solve because it has been a long time since we had to do those types of problems.   This page will be used to assist parents in ways that can help you support your student in music!

I encourage to get yourself acquainted with the STUDENT RESOURCES page and you are welcome to try some of the links yourself!  You will be surprised as to how fast you  will catch on!

If you have any suggestions of what you want to see on this page to help you support your child, feel free to contact Mr. Contreras your ideas and suggestions.

Private Music Lessons

Although this may cost some money out of your pocket, this can be one of the most valuable investments you can make for your child.  Finding the right private instructor makes a big impact in your child's education.  Here are a few benefits on taking private lessons:

  • Working with a private teacher can help a student keep up with peers in the group setting.
  • Private lessons help to minimize frustration.
  • Private lessons set up the child for success.
  • The child learns how to practice.
  • It is easier to stay motivated with the help of a private instructor.

To read more in depth about lessons you can follow the link provided (click here).  Please contact Mr. Contreras for a list of local instructors who can help your student achieve higher goals!

Summer Music Camps

Interested in sending your child off to camp to have an experience of a lifetime?!  Here are a few camp websites to help you in your search for the best one for your child this summer!  Scholarship opportunities are available by many of these camps if you apply for them or if multiple students from a particular school attend.  Students come back stronger and better after experiencing music making with other musicians their age! 

For more information on this contact Mr. Contreras.

Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program, Idyllwild, Ca
Wildwood Institute of Music, Angelus Oaks, CA
Arrowbear Music Camp, Running Springs, CA
Interlochen Center for the Arts, Interlochen, MI
USA Camps - Drum Major and leadership camps.

Articles & Links

If you see an article online that you would like to share with the band website, please email the link to Mr. Contreras!  Looking forward to your submissions.

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