SCSBOA Festival Application Fees

This year's festival will be taking place Saturday, February 1, 2020.  All Applications and Fees must be submitted by January 20, 2020 to be considered for the festival.

Below is the Online PayPal Payment option and only must be submitted by the Director or Boosters:

Solo Ensemble Fees
For which Solo/Ensemble?

Student Resources

The Student Resources page is designed for the student to use at home for additional support.  Check out some of the fun links and explore others!  If you come across any other link that you found on your own please share it with Mr. Contreras so it can be posted for others to use! 

Enjoy and have fun!

"To play without passion is inexcusable."

- Beethoven

Instrumental Program

Band Materials

Beginning Band Vocabulary
Practice Cards: Download a PDF Practice Card here! Due every OTHER Monday.

Extra Credit: Composer Essay - Practice your music theory skills!  Created by Mr. C and other band directors!

PSHS Fight Song

Woodwinds and Brass

Metronome Online (Free) - Great practice tool!
Tuner Online (Free) - Also great practice tool!
Flute Fingering Chart
Flute Tunes - Free music for flute
Bassoon Fingering Chart
Oboe Fingering Chart and More
Clarinet Fingering Chart and More
Basic Saxophone Fingering Chart
Advanced Saxophone Fingering Chart
Trumpet & Baritone (TC) Fingering Chart
French Horn Fingering Chart and Warm-ups
Trombone Fingering Chart
Euphonium (Baritone) Fingering Chart Bass Clef
Tuba Fingering Chart
Presidio Brass Free Sheet Music


Bells Notes Speed Game
Percussion Rudiments
Metronome Online (Free) - Must for percussionist!

PSUSD High School Band Programs 

Palm Springs High School Band

Cathedral City High School Band 

Rancho Mirage High School Band

Desert Hot Springs High school Band

Other Links

JWPepper - Online sheet music store and great way to listen to the pieces you are playing for your class!
Ricci Adams' - Need help with key signatures, notes, scales, ear training and more? Check out this website!
Music Tech Teacher - Great for home music theory practice.
Learning Games for Kids - Another way to help you with notes, rhythms and etc.!
Blank Sheet Music - Print blank staff paper free.

Pacific Symphony Youth Ensembles - An opportunity for youth to flourish musically in a professional and musical setting.  Auditions required but experience priceless!
Los Angeles Philharmonic - A world class orchestra just minutes away!
Smart Music - Practice aid computer program.  A must have!
Classics for Kids

Local Links

Palm Springs Friends of the Philharmonic - Great friends of the RCMS Instrumental program in aiding students to go up to Idyllwild Summer Music Camp.

Palm Springs Center for the Performing Arts